Quick Answer: What Does Beeper Mean?

What does beep mean in a text message?


a general insult.

“Beep” is understood to be a censored swear word..

What does 43770 mean?

43770. Laparoscopy, surgical, gastric restrictive procedure: placement of adjustable gastric band.

How does beeper work?

How does a pager work? A pager is a small telecommunication device that receives radio signals from the paging network. … When your pager hears its unique address, it receives the message and alerts you (via an audible signal and/or a vibration, depending on pager settings).

What does Beeb mean?

British Broadcasting CorporationFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beeb or BEEB may refer to: BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, sometimes called the Beeb or Auntie Beeb. BEEB, a BBC children’s magazine published in 1985. BBC Micro, a home computer built for the BBC by Acorn Computers Ltd., nicknamed The Beeb.

Why do drug dealers use pagers?

Another clue, he said, is that drug traffickers prefer paging devices that indicate messages through vibrations instead of beeps. “It keeps them inconspicuous,” Atwood said. … Now, federal narcotics agents estimate that at least 90 percent of drug dealers use them.

How much does a pager cost?

Device Costs: The average cost of a cell phone is $84, while the average cost of a Pager is about $50. Many people don’t buy the pager, they just pay $16 a month for service and the pager is included. Device Longevity: The service life of a typical Cell Phone is about 2-3 years. The service life of a pager is 8 years.

Do pagers still exist 2019?

Yes, pagers are still alive today and embraced by the same groups who used the very first versions: public safety and healthcare professionals. Even with the proliferation of smartphones, pagers remain popular in these industries because of the reliability of the paging networks.

What is a beeper slang?

A pager that beeps or vibrates to alert the person carrying it that someone is trying to make contact by telephone. …

What is a beeper used for?

‘Beeper’ (or sometimes ‘bleeper’) is simply a nickname which came from the noise the device made whenever an incoming signal was being received. These signals used to notify a person that he or she needed to call someone or that they had a message waiting to be heard on a voicemail system.

What does it mean when someone beeps at you?

The guys doing the honking view it as a compliment and seem to think it will cause women to smile and go about their day with an extra spring in their step. And the women being honked at actually feel a combination of confusion, embarrassment, annoyance and in some cases, startled and/or threatened.

Can you page someone from a cell phone?

Callers can use Send-A-Page (Internet Paging) to send Numeric or Alphanumeric messages. Now you can have the privacy of a personal paging number and email address provided for the strict purpose of sending pages, text (alpha service only), and voicemail messages to a cell phone and/or email account.

What is a beeper phone?

A pager (also known as a beeper, bleeper or pocket bell) is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages.

How do you beep someone?

Beeping is simple: A person calls a mobile telephone number and then hangs up before the mobile’s owner can pick up the call. If the beeper’s name and number have been programmed into the recipient’s mobile, then the recipient will see the beeper’s name on the call log as a missed call.

Do pagers still work in 2020?

Pagers were originally created as a communication tool for doctors in busy hospitals, and today it is still largely doctors — as well as ambulance crews, emergency responders, and nurses — who use them.

Can you text a pager?

If you want to send an alphanumeric (text) message to an alphanumeric capable word pager, you will need to know the pager’s email domain. In some case, but not all, you will be able to send an actual text message to the pager’s phone number from a cell phone.