Quick Answer: What Is TT Face?

Does TT stand for TikTok?

Business, finance, etcTT stands for TikTok Business, finance, etc..

What does T_t mean in texting?

Mean? T_T. means “Crying”.

Whats GF mean sexually?

GF in Sexual. 2. GF. Girlfriend. Texting, Chat, Slang.

What does tt mean in family?

The definition of ‘mother’ He says that ‘mother’ status follows from the ‘biological role in giving birth’ and is separate from one’s gender: TT is a ‘male mother’. ‘Male’ in the sense that TT has received legal recognition of his male gender but a ‘mother’ due to giving birth.

How do I get Korean emoticons?

When it comes to Korean emoticons, you can have it your way! Most commonly, ^^ are used for eyes which represent the happy, wide eyes you get when you are smiling! You can make them by pressing SHIFT + 6 on your keyboard.

What does 3 mean?

The Meaning of <3. <3 means "love (heart shape)" so now you know - <3. don't thank us. yw!

What is TT slang for?

“Till tomorrow” is the most common definition for TT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. TT. Definition: Till tomorrow.

What does tt mean sexually?

Some Philippine fans were surprised by the name of title track as “TT” means “male genital organ” in Filipino. (JYP Entertainment) However, these hostile comments were met with angry responses from Twice fans. This is not the first time Twice has come under fire for sexual references.

What social media is TT?

Trending topic A Twitter term that means that a topic is popular because it has been “hashtagged” many times recently.

What does U_U mean?

Calm,peaceful,ok,tired,fine,breathing,staying calmer.

What does tt mean in drugs?

Tetanus toxoid, a vaccine to prevent tetanus. Therapeutic touch, an alternative medicine practice. Thrombin time, a coagulation blood test.

What is full form of TT?

The Full form of TT is Travelling Ticket Examiner. TT examiner is an employee in Indian railway who examines passenger tickets during the journey in trains. The cadre of Travelling Ticket Examiner falls under the control of Indian Railway Traffic service (IRTS) cadre of officers in Indian Railways.

What does tt mean face?

What Does TT Mean? This term is used as an emoticon to represent the face of someone who is crying. The tops of the “T”s are used to represent the eyes of the face and the vertical stems are used to represent the tears streaming down someone’s face.

Is TT a crying face?

T.T = tears. American keyboard, type T consonant. … American keyboard, type Y consonant. OTL = person crying on the ground.

Does TT mean crying?

T-T means “Crying”.