Quick Answer: What TT Means Twice?

When did TT by twice come out?


What does BSD mean in text?

BSD — With Heaven’s Help. BSD — Back Seat Driver. BSD — Black Spawn Den. BSD — Bermuda Shorts Day. BSD — Black Spiral Dancer.

What does BBF mean sexually?

Best BoyfriendWhat does BBF mean sexually? Best Boyfriend. Texting, Slang. BBF.

What is the difference between a girlfriend and a lover?

Originally Answered: What is the difference between a lover and a girlfriend? Lover: A partner in a sexual or romantic relationship outside marriage. Girlfriend: A person’s regular female companion with whom they have a romantic or sexual relatioship.

Who left twice?

Spin the wheel for ST Read and Win now. Let’s go! SEOUL • K-pop girl group Twice will be one person down when they start promoting their second South Korean studio album later this month. Member Jeongyeon will be taking a break, said the group’s agency JYP Entertainment.

Who is the CEO of 1 million dance studio?

But no matter how challenging (and impressive!) their videos appear, 1Million’s co-founder and chief choreographer Lia Kim — who has created routines for superstars like TWICE and Sunmi (formerly of Wonder Girls, who Kim has also choreographed for) — says the studio was founded with beginners in mind.

What is TT in Korean?

ㅠ.ㅠ / ㅠ_ㅠ = variations of the ㅠㅠ emoticon. T.T = tears. American keyboard, type T consonant. Y.Y = tears.

Whats GF mean sexually?

GF in Sexual. 2. GF. Girlfriend. Texting, Chat, Slang.

Who is the best dancer in twice?

i think the ranking should be :Momo. -of course Momo is undeniably the best dancer in TWICE and one of the best in kpop industry. … Mina. -Some fans never consider Mina as the best dancer along with Momo but I think Mina is the second. … Jihyo. … Sana. … Nayeon. … Tzuyu.Chaeyoung.Dahyun.More items…•Jun 14, 2019

Which twice member is the sister of a famous actress in Korea?

Gong is the older sister of Twice’s Yoo Jeong-yeon. Their father, Yoo Chang-joon, was a private chef for former president Kim Dae-jung, as well as a head chef of the Seoul Plaza Hotel for over 20 years, specializing in Korean cuisine.

What does tt mean face?

What Does TT Mean? This term is used as an emoticon to represent the face of someone who is crying. The tops of the “T”s are used to represent the eyes of the face and the vertical stems are used to represent the tears streaming down someone’s face.

What does BDSD mean?

BDSDAcronymDefinitionBDSDBand-Dependent Spatial Detail (algorithm)BDSDBrown Deer School District (Wisconsin)BDSDBlanco Deluxe Soap Dispenser (product)BDSDBibliographic Data Set Description1 more row

What is S & M gear?

noun. the combination of sadistic and masochistic elements in one person, characterized by both aggressive and submissive periods in relationships with others. sexual practice in which one partner adopts a sadistic role and the other a masochistic oneAbbreviation: SM, S & M Compare sadism, masochism.

Who wrote TT by twice?

Sam Lewis”TT” is a song recorded by South Korean girl group Twice. The song was released by JYP Entertainment on October 24, 2016, as the lead single from their third extended play Twicecoaster: Lane 1. It was written and composed by Sam Lewis and Black Eyed Pilseung respectively.

Where was twice TT filmed?

VancouverThe music video was entirely filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in early September 2017, showcasing some of the most iconic areas in the region. It was featured in CTV News Vancouver—stating that the video is expected to boost tourism of the city.

What does BB mean in Korean?

it may be a typo of ㅠㅠ (b and ㅠ is at the same position on a keyboard) which means crying… but it may also mean “thumbs up!” when it is used as “bb”.

What does T_t mean in texting?

Mean? T_T. means “Crying”.

What does tt mean sexually?

Some Philippine fans were surprised by the name of title track as “TT” means “male genital organ” in Filipino. (JYP Entertainment) However, these hostile comments were met with angry responses from Twice fans. This is not the first time Twice has come under fire for sexual references.

Who choreographed TT twice?

Lia KimThis is Lia Kim, the choreographer who worked with TWICE on “TT” and “Like Ooh-Aah”. She has also worked with other famous K-Pop artists including BoA, Wonder Girls, Sunmi, Lee Hyori, I.O.I and Playback.