Quick Answer: Who Is Chen Best Friend In Exo?

Does SUHO call Xiumin Hyung?

One of the comments that Xiumin noticed was, “I really want to hear Junmyeon (Suho) calling me ‘Hyung'” To this Xiumin responded that “My answer to that is ‘No, we are friends”” and added that “We are friends, my leader.

Therefore, Suho and Xiumin are friends..

Does Exo drink alcohol?

It seems like all of EXO’s members have been caught drinking, and we could even say that it’s a common thing in South Korea. … EXO’s Suho also talked about his drinking habits. He said that he doesn’t drink a lot, because he has to stay fit and take care of his health. He might just drink two bottles of soju.

Who is Chen closest to in exo?

7/9 Exo members are introverted….The BFF kind of thing:Chanyeol and Baekhyun= they have the same sense of humor and that’s it.Chanyeol and Sehun= they were and ARE friends since their rookie years so they’re just that close.Chen and Xiumin= they’re the only Korean members when they were in the EXO-M.

Who is Xiumin best friend in exo?

LuhanXiumin considers Luhan his best Chinese friend. And Kris his best Canadian friend.

Does Chen call Baekhyun Hyung?

As soon as Chen saw what Baekhyun was drawing, he couldn’t help shaking his head and uttering, “Ah, hyung! … As it was the very first time they had ever heard Chen call Baekhyun hyung!

Who is sehun best friend in exo?

HyunbinEven though he is Sehun’s best friend, Hyunbin has revealed many of Sehun’s private life secret to these sasaeng fans. Not stopping at that, he constantly posts photos of places where Sehun has visited which annoys fans. Hyunbin went out with EXO’s sasaeng fan.

Does Chanyeol call Baekhyun Hyung?

Before debut, they would always play together. -Baekhyun hated girls that nags too much because he himself always nag. … -Chanyeol does not want to call Baekhyun as ‘hyung’ because he says that Baekhyun is too cute.

Who is the smartest in exo?

Byun BaekhyunAs per me, the smartest member in EXO including ex members is Byun Baekhyun. He’s the one person who can make a very serious or uncomfortable situation very good. He has the ability to make everyone happy and leave them smiling.

Who is taemin best friend?

It’s been widely known that SHINee’s Tae-min and EXO’s Kai have been best friends since they were still trainees. Even when Kai’s first teaser released, everyone was amazed by how similar their look is. Everyone also knew that Tae-min is close with Timoteo or Moon-kyu of HOTSHOT.

Who is the richest among EXO members?

Who is the Richest member of EXO? … The group as a whole is estimated to be worth $1 billion and plays a huge role in SM Entertainment’s overall valuation. … Suho pretty much made it clear on Radio Star that Baekyun was the richest EXO member. … Baekhyun Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million.More items…•Mar 11, 2021

Who are the best friend in exo?

EXO close friendsKAI & TAEMIN. They have been friends since they were trainees. … SUHO & MINHO. Here we have another EXO x SHINEE close friendship. … BAEKHYUN & V. You have probably heard all of news about how they look the same. … SEHUN & GUANLIN. … CHANYEOL & YESUNG. … XIUMIN, CHEN & YERI. … D.O & KIM WOOBIN. … LAY & CAI XUKUN.Jun 23, 2018

Who is Baekhyun’s bestfriend?

+ Baekhyun’s best friend from elementary school is gay. His best friend is now an owner of a famous restaurant in L.A. + Baekhyun knew he wanted to be a singer ever since he was in the 4th grade. He told all of his friends that he wanted to be a celebrity when he grew up.